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2024 Reevies Kiama Coastal Classic draws record number

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Malin Dunfors

23 June 2024, 2:23 AM

 2024 Reevies Kiama Coastal Classic draws record numberThe half-marathon gets off to its 9:00am start on Surf Beach.

Close to 900 people competed in this year’s edition of the Reevies Kiama Coastal Classic on Sunday, 23 June. The runners faced tough and wet conditions, due to the heavy rain overnight, but neither puddles nor mud could deter them from having an all-around great time.

“It was an absolute mud bath! But really a lot of fun, I like these kinds of conditions,” says Josh Bignell from Shell Cove, who won the 21km on the men’s side.

It wasn’t his first time on this course, living locally he likes to run it during lunch, whenever he gets the chance. Bignell is not a Kiama Coastal Classic novice either, having done the race once or twice before a couple of years back.

“I’ve done half-marathons, ultra marathons, 100km. This is a bit of a shorter run, really,” he says with a grin.

Josh Bignell is the male winner of the 2024 Reevies Kiama Coastal Classic.

As for his winning time of 1:32:59, Bignell notes that on this particular day, it wasn’t about time.

“It was just running through the conditions. If I could run hard, I’d run hard.”

Bridie Temple from Dapto finished fourth overall, and first in the women’s category. Having completed her first-ever Kiama Coastal Classic, she’s looking at the orange juice offered to the runners in the finishing area.

“It looks amazing, I’ll grab one of those,” she says. A nice top-up of C-vitamin will come in handy, considering she has just done her third-ever half marathon and won it.

“Absolutely unreal. The energy out there on the course couldn’t have been better,” she says. “It’s a local route and I do a lot of training out there so I thought I’d join up.”

Asked about her winning time, she agrees with Josh Bignell: “I think it was 1:40:38. But it was all about conditions today with it raining all night.”

Bridie Temple, the female winner, crosses the finishing line.

The sun did make an appearance, along with a rainbow, as the racers set off in the morning. A gorgeous setting, which is what the event organisers, Elite Energy Events, had hoped for.

“We really want to see some happy smiles out on the course. It’s going to be a beautiful day. We’re just hoping for a really fun day for everyone out on the course,” says Hannah Jonsen, marketing coordinator with Elite Energy Events.

She’s excited over the number of runners participating.

“Absolutely, a bit more than we had last year. Last year, we had around 840, and we’re at 884 this morning. And we’re expecting a few more on the day of registrations. So great turnout,” Johnsen says. 

“It’s really great for Kiama. Great to have all these people here seeing our beautiful South Coast.”

Elite Energy Events’ next trail run is the Summit Shoalhaven on 28 July. 



1) Josh Bignell, 01:32:59 (category 40-49)

2) Danny Soglanich, 01:35:40 (category 30-39)

3) Max Gordon, 01:38:21 (category 20-29)


1) Bridie Temple, 01:40:38 (category 16-19)

2) Jessica Cannings, 01:50:02 (category 30-39)

3) Gem Dawkins, 02:00:04 (category 20-29)