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Expressive Art Wall Trail Unveils New Exhibits in Gerringong

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13 December 2023, 5:35 AM

Expressive Art Wall Trail Unveils New Exhibits in GerringongStoic Brewing Kathy Karas

In a turn of events, what initially began as an opportunity to showcase their own art at Wild Patch Cafe has blossomed into a side venture for Tiffany and Michelle Springett – the Expressive Art Wall Trail. Since its inception in September, this dynamic duo has transformed a simple café wall into a rotating canvas for local artists.

Kathy Karas at Stoic Brewing

The latest addition to this evolving tapestry is the Stoic Brewing Wall in Gerringong, boasting its first exhibit by the talented Kathy Karas. The walls, now painted in a warm charcoal grey, allowing the artworks to take centre stage. A visit to the brewery is highly recommended, and why not enjoy some tasty burgers?

At the heart of this creative endeavour is Tiffany Springett, the curator, ensuring that each venue is paired with the perfect artwork. The Wild Patch Cafe & Smoothie Bar is currently hosting the vibrant photography of Darren Parlett's photos printed on acrylic, adding a unique dimension to his captivating artwork.

This art trail, now spanning across multiple venues, is on the lookout for additional walls to enrich its ever-expanding repertoire. The callout is also for artists who are eager to contribute to the wall trail. If you're an artist with a passion for exhibiting your work in diverse and engaging spaces, the Expressive Art Wall Trail wants to hear from you.

Darren Parlett at WildPatch cafe

Join us on this exciting journey as local talents merge, transforming ordinary walls into extraordinary galleries. The Expressive Art Wall Trail is not just an exhibition; it's a community-driven celebration of creativity. Watch this space as new walls and artists join the trail, turning our local area into a vibrant canvas for artistic expression. Simply email us at [email protected]

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