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Fiona Phillips undergoes oral surgery to remove tumour

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Donna Portland

05 June 2024, 4:20 AM

Fiona Phillips undergoes oral surgery to remove tumour

Federal Labor MP Fiona Phillips has disclosed that she underwent surgery on Tuesday, June 4th, to remove a large oral tumour. She shared the news on Facebook, mentioning that she will be taking extended leave to recover at home following the operation.

In her post, Ms Phillips remarked on her diagnosis, stating, “Tests over recent months have been as good as they can be,” but added, “At this stage, I do not know whether the tumour is benign or something more sinister.”

Despite her health concerns, Ms Phillips reassured her electorate that her office team will continue to handle federal matters during her recuperation. She expressed gratitude to her healthcare practitioners for their "expertise, dedication, and support."

Ms Phillips also used the opportunity to remind the community about the importance of regular health checks. She urged, “Make sure that you look after your own health. Don’t delay; do that regular health check. If you’re concerned about your health, see your health practitioner—it could just help save your life.”

Displaying an optimistic outlook despite her health issue, she encouraged the community to, “Hug your loved ones, support our most vulnerable, and reach out to make sure they are okay.”

Fiona Phillips has been serving as the MP for Gilmore on the New South Wales south coast since 2019. She holds one of the nation's most marginal seats, having been re-elected by a narrow margin in May 2022, securing Labor’s 77th parliamentary seat. At that time, Anthony Albanese praised her campaign, saying, “Fiona ran a magnificent campaign; if she gets across the line, no one is allowed to call her Fiona anymore—they have to call her 77.”

The Australian Electoral Commission declared the final count 26 days after the election, with Ms Phillips finishing 373 votes ahead in the final tally. In the upcoming election, she will face Liberal MP Andrew Constance, who recently won preselection for the Liberal party to contest the seat again. 

Constance extended his well wishes in his FB post, “I just want to on behalf of myself, local liberals and my campaign wish her a speedy recovery and return to work.”

“Politics is one thing but your own health and loved ones are another thing altogether. Fiona in a very brave way has reminded us all of the need to ensure that with all things related to health do not ever delay in getting checked.”

The Bugle also wishes Fiona Phillips a swift recovery.