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Turner's Rage: List of Characters

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James Seymour

01 February 2024, 2:21 AM

Turner's Rage: List of Characters

Turner’s Rage

List of Characters

July 1826

The Turner Family of Guildford

Jonathan Turner          Father of William            Baker and Business Owner

Eleanora Turner          Mother of William               Wife of Jonathan Turner

Thomas Turner         Son of Jonathan & Eleanora              Baker

Bethany Charlotte Eleanora    Daughter of Jonathan & Eleanora         

 GovernessTurner (Beth)

Anne Turner  Daughter of Jonathan & Eleanora     Business Assistant & Home help

Clementine Turner (Clemmie) Daughter of Jonathan & Eleanora    Home help

Madeline Turner (Maddie)     Daughter of Jonathan & Eleanora      Child

Simeon Turner (Sim)      Son of Jonathan & Eleanora       Child

William Turner (Will)     Son of Jonathan & Eleanora        Child

Marcia Turner          Daughter of Jonathan & Eleanora     Child

Service Staff

Mrs Jennings      Housekeeper

Miss Aggie Peters        Maid

Mrs Ethel Nibley      Mrs Turner’s Maid

Miss Rosalind Nibley      Ethel’s daughter

Huntley House, Greenwich

Mr Charles Boot       Butler

Miss Mary Troath        Lady’s Maid

Mrs Eliza Smythe        Cook

Turner Family Dogs     



Family Doctors               

Dr Jeremy Stephens 

Dr Neville Bassington

Dr David Sopwith

The local Church, Guildford

Rev Andrew Taggart       Rector

Mrs Laura Taggart       The Rector’s wife and church worker

Mrs Glossip     Church worker

Mr Jonathan Turner    Chairman, Parish Council

Mr Rupert Smith       Parish Council

Mr Blake Wood           Parish Council & Council Secretary & Solicitor

Dr Jeremy Stephens         Parish Council & Secretary

Mr James Stewart       Parish Council, Solicitor

Miss Ruby Bowers       Student – Church School

Miss Dawn Luckett        Student – Church School

The Church at Woking

Rev Charles Upton      Rector

Mrs Wendy Upton       Spouse of Charles Upton

Miss Bethany Turner       Governess

The Turner Bakery

Mr Jeb Hiscock              Bakery Manager

Mr Peter Hammer              Senior Foreman

Mr Aaron Hall        Baker

Miss Rose Bell             Baker

Miss Sophia Stanton      Pastry Baker

Miss Heather Gant          Bakers Assistant

Mr Ralph Fenn         Bakery Cart Driver        

Miss Audrey Stern     Accounts Clerk

Mr Robert Baxter       Stable Manager

Judd Hedge       Stable Man

The Epsom Stables

Mr Thomas Baxter     Stable Manager

Hurst’s Tailors and Seamstresses

Mrs Fiona Smith       Seamstress and Guildford Shop Manager

Mr Lionel Wall        Tailor and Manager Woking, and of the Store chain

Miss Fiona Handle     Seamstress, Guildford Shop

Mr Tom Mead           Tailor, Guildford Shop

The Steam-Powered Flour Mill

Mr Stanley Percival       Engineer, Watson’s Steam Engineers

Mr Terence Spencer      Mill Manager

Mrs Lydia Spencer       Wife of Terence

Master Levi Spencer       Son of Terence and Lydia

Miss Andrea Spencer        Daughter of Terence and Lydia

Chimney Sweeps

Mr Jack Slope         Master Chimney Sweep

Reuben           Chimney Sweep

Tom            Chimney Sweep

Olivia Stepton         Chimney Sweep            

Batton Place Manor

Mr Patrick Easton         Lord of the Manor

Mr Mark Stepton             Labourer

Mrs Alison Stepton     Spouse of Mark Stepton and Maid

The Guilford Community

Mr Rupert Smith       Mayor & Parish Council Member

Mrs Marjorie Smith      Wife of Rupert

Master Richard Smith  Son of Rupert & Marjorie           

Mr Russel Elliot        Blacksmith

Master Caleb Elliot       Son of Russel                                                                                                  

Mr Isiah Linton        Blacksmith

Mr Frederick Higgins   Storekeeper     

Mr Daniel Tuesbury      Master of Abbots Hospital

Guildford Constabulary

Mr Michael Rawlins       Parish Constable

Mr Daniel Cricks     Watchman

The Guildford Institute

Mr Henry Sharples     Institute Volunteer Officer

The Bassington Family of London

Mr David Bassington     Newspaper Owner and Bookseller

Mrs Jennifer Bassington       Wife of David

Doctor Neville Winston                              

Bassington, RN       Son of David & Jennifer

Miss Megan Bassington    Daughter of David & Jennifer

The Bassington Family of Guildford

Doctor Neville Bassington        Son of David Bassington

Mrs Bethany Bassington            nee Turner

The McPherson Family of Greenwich

Mr Hamish McPherson      Brewer and Businessman

Mrs Marjorie McPherson    Spouse of Hamish

Mr Douglass McPherson       Son of Hamish      Brewery Manager Glasgow

Mr Archie McPherson      Son of Hamish       Brewery Manager Edinburgh

Mr Lachlan McPherson    Son of Hamish       Brewery Manager Edinburgh

Mr James McPherson        Son of Hamish       Brewery Manager & Businessman              Glasgow

Jenkins     Butler

Babcock    Coach Driver

Handle      Footman

Mrs Swiggins        Cook

Miss Jones       Nanny

Family Dogs         Red Socks


The Steele Family of Woolwich

Mr Alexander Steele     Engineer & Founder of Woods Artillery Foundry

Mrs Jennifer Steele    Wife of Alexander

Mr Mark Steele      Son of Alexander & Jennifer

Mr Andrew Steele       Son of Alexander & Jennifer

Mr Timothy Steele       Son of Alexander & Jennifer

Miss Marion Steele   Daughter of Alexander & Jennifer

Miss Nicole Stephens      Bridesmaid of Marion

The local Church at Greenwich

Archdeacon Rufus Handle       Rector and Rural Dean

Mrs Felicity Handle        Wife of Archdeacon Handle

The Turner Family of Ewell

Richard Turner  Brother of Jonathan      Pub Owner ‘The Black Swan’

Sarah Turner,       Wife of Richard

Oliver Turner,      Son of Richard & Sarah    Pub Manager, Epson   

Harry Turner  Son of Richard & Sarah   Pub Manager, Ewell

Katherine Turner  Daughter of Richard & Sarah   Child

The Racing Horse Pub, Epson

Oliver Turner      Manager, Racing Horse Pub Epsom

The South Family of Fintelton Manor

The Right Honourable Sir David South                                     

Earl of Fintelton and Lord of the Manor

The Right HonourableLady Jane South                             

Countess of Fintelton, and wife of Sir David

Sir Hugh South  

 Son and Entitled Heir of Sir David

Sir Robert South RN  

  Son of Sir David

Lady Emma South 

 Daughter of Sir David

Mr Malcolm Stem  

 Estate Manager

Mr Thomas Pike  


Mrs Cora Walsh  


Mr Henry Barrett  

    Earls Valet

Mrs Judy Wapples  


Miss Margaret Lane  

  Lady Jane’s maid

Miss Jane Winston 

   Lady Emma’s maid

Miss Sally Johnson  


In-Laws of the South’s

Sir John Philps      Brother of Lady Jane South       

Lady Angela Philps   Sir John’s wife                                 

The South Family Attorneys

Manifold & Stout       Sir David’s Attorneys.

Mr Michael Manifold     Senior Partner, Manifold & Stout           Deceased

Mr Evan Finchley         Senior Partner, Manifold & Stout

“Harting” House, St James’s Square

Mr Matthew Staines     Butler

Mr Dennis Hopton      Previous Butler

Mrs Cora Walsh         Housekeeper

Mr Henry Barrett         Earls Valet

Mrs Judy Wapples      Cook

Miss Margaret Lane       Lady Jane’s maid

Miss Jane Winston         Lady Emma’s maid

Tenant Farmers of Fintelton

Mr Michael Merton   Tenant Farmer

Mrs Jenny Merton     Wife of Michael

The Crew of HMS Providence

Captain Mark Foster    Captain

Lieutenant Neville Bassington Surgeon

Lieutenant Robert South   Officer of the Watch    

The Crew of HMS Restless

Commander Sir Robert South          Captain

Sergeant Michael Swanton        Captain’s First Servant

AB Jonathon Bright           Captain’s Second Servant.

Lieutenant Richard Small          First Officer (Mate)                       

Lieutenant Frederick Ham        First Officer (Mate)

Lieutenant Richard Brinkley         Second Officer

Warrant Officer Kevin Trotters        Master (Sailing Master)

Petty Officer Richard Door          Master at Arms                               

Petty Officer John Fulcher       Master at Arms

Mr William Collins         Midshipman

Mr Albert Kent              Midshipman

Petty Officer Richard Young       Quartermaster (Helmsman)    

Captain Horace Coombes         Marine Commander

Lieutenant Stanley White         2IC to Captain Coombes

Sergeant Philip Wait         Marines Sergeant

Petty Officer Ian Dodds       Ships Carpenter


Admiral Sir Franklin Crouch      First Naval Lord

Lady Katherine Crouch      Wife of Admiral Crouch

The Right Honourable Sir Cecil Fowey       Earl of Dawlting, and Advisor to the Board of Navy

The Right Honourable Lady Hannah Fowey    Countess of Dawlting, and wife of Sir Cecil

Countess of Dawlting

Mr Malcolm Smith         Comptroller

Mrs Robyn Smith        Wife of Malcolm Smith

Colonel Jonathan Scott       Admiralty Security Chief of Staff

Flagship, Commander in Chief, Blue Fleet, Portsmouth

Admiral Sir Tristan Sutherland       Commander in Chief, Portsmouth Blue Fleet

Lady Amanda Sutherland         Wife of Sir Tristan

Commodore Richard Jacobs        Secretary to Admiral Sutherland

Lieutenant Reginald Ludlam      Surgeon

The Guildford Medical Practice

Dr Neville Bassington           Founding Partner

Dr David Sopwith          Founding Partner

The Sopwith Family

Dr David Sopwith     Local Doctor    Estates at Cookstown and Coleraine in Ireland

Miss Victoria Sopwith        David’s Sister

Mrs Molly Lane        Housekeeper

Lions Bank of Guildford

Mr Thomas Meyhew        Founder and Owner

Mr Lawrence Appleby     High Street Branch Manager

Mr John Short      Teller


Lions Bank of Petersfield

Miss Katherine Constance      Bank Teller

United Kingdom Investments

rs Janet Stubbington       Wife of Frank Stubbington – Deceased