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Kiama Fire and Rescue team called to Kiama Downs house

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Lleyton Hughes

10 July 2024, 4:12 AM

Kiama Fire and Rescue team called to Kiama Downs houseSource: Kiama Fire and Rescue Facebook page

At 2:35am Tuesday July 8, the Kiama Fire and Rescue team responded to a report of a house fire in Kiama Downs.

The Dunmore Fire Brigade, NSW Police Force and NSW Ambulance also responded to the report at a one storey house with large amounts of smoke coming from the roof.

“The fire was brought under control, however the house sustained a large amount of damage.  Luckily the smoke alarms in the premises alerted the residents who evacuated safely,” the Kiama Fire and Rescue team wrote in a Facebook post.

An initiative enforced by the NSW Government allows people to book a free Home Fire Safety Visit where Fire and Rescue will ensure your smoke alarms are in working condition.

You can book one here, or you can call the Kiama Fire Station on 4224 2046.