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Kiama Tennis Club Championships 2024

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26 March 2024, 5:57 AM

Kiama Tennis Club Championships 2024Ladies Doubles: Megan Minter, Dianne Fava, Belinda Murphy and Karen Koks

By David Graham

Kiama Tennis Club, a hub for approximately 500 members spanning all age groups and skill levels, recently wrapped up its highly anticipated Club Championships on Sunday, March 24th, 2024. The event, now in its 63rd year, once again showcased the club's vibrant tennis community, offering a platform for players of varying abilities to vie for the coveted title of Club Champion for the year.

In a thrilling showdown, Joe Moseley emerged triumphant in the Open Men’s singles final, besting newcomer Phil Ross in a match that kept spectators on the edge of their seats. However, Ross found redemption in the Men’s doubles alongside partner Matt Terentis, clinching a hard-fought victory against the formidable duo of Dave Lehman and Joe Moseley.

Experience proved to be the winning factor in the Open Ladies doubles final, as seasoned pair Karen Koks and Belinda Murphy outplayed newcomers Megan Minter and Dianne Fava, securing a commendable win with a scoreline of 6/4 7/5.

The B Grade Mixed Doubles Round Robin drew enthusiastic participation, with Helga Pimm and Ralph Szuleroski emerging as the victors after a spirited contest against Milton and Gail Gaynor.

Reflecting on the rich history of the championships, it's worth noting that the inaugural event in 1961 saw Tom Brown and Margaret Tozer crowned as the first champions in Men’s and Ladies' singles, respectively. Noteworthy figures like Norma Stead, a stalwart of the club now in her 90s, claimed consecutive Ladies titles in 1963 and 1964.

The 1990s witnessed the dominance of Paul Summerside, former tennis coach at Gerringong, who clinched the Men’s title from 1992 to 1996 before embarking on an international journey to compete on the professional circuit and coach in Germany and Asia. Other luminaries who have etched their names in the annals of the championships include Mark Manchur, Gwen Hinchliffe, and Bjorn Meyers.

The success of the 63rd Kiama Tennis Club Championships underscores the enduring passion and competitive spirit that define the club's tennis community, promising even greater excitement in the years to come.

Kiama Tennis Club Championships 2024

Kiama Tennis Club with around 500 members is able to cater for all ages and certainly  all abilities of player -from Beginners to more advanced tournament players. To this end the Club Championships concluded on Sunday 24 March  2024. This event provides just that, a chance for the competitive players to compete amongst each other in a tournament environment to see who the Club Champs for 2024 would be.


The 63rd Championships were quite successful with Joe Mozeley taking out the Open Men’s singles final against new club member Phil Ross in an entertaining match.

Phil Ross and Matt Terentis turned the tables  in the Men’s doubles with a tight win against Dave Lehman and Joe Moseley. Veteran pair Karen Koks and Belinda Murphy showed all their experience in the Open Ladies doubles final to defeat newcomers Megan Minter and Dianne Fava 6/4 7/5.

The B Grade Mixed Doubles Round Robin was well supported seeing Helga Pimm and Ralph Szuleroski  defeat Milton and Gail Gaynor.

The first Club Championships held in 1961 was won by Tom Brown (men’s singles) and Margaret Tozer in the Ladies. Club stalwart Norma Stead now in her 90’s was the Ladies champion in 1963 and 1964. Paul Summerside (tennis coach at Gerringong) took out the Men’s title from 1992 to 1996 before heading overseas to compete on the circuit and work in Germany and Asia as a coach. Other winners of the prestige singles have been Mark Manchur, Gwen Hinchliffe and Bjorn Meyers.