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Local Sporting Clubs Get Behind ‘Shoosh for Kids’ Program

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Lleyton Hughes

06 July 2024, 6:40 AM

Local Sporting Clubs Get Behind ‘Shoosh for Kids’ ProgramA Shoosh for Kids Sign at Kiama Showground

Two of Kiama’s biggest junior sporting clubs have embraced the NSW Government’s ‘Shoosh for Kids’ program which urges spectators to remain positive whilst watching junior sport.

Both the Kiama Knights Junior Rugby League Club (JRLC) and the Kiama Netball Association (KNA) are supporting the campaign, which ran for the June.

President of the KNA, Michelle Gregory, says the program reminds people they’re watching junior sport, and that it’s more about creating a fun atmosphere than competition.

“It's a good reminder to parents and spectators about what the essence of junior sport is, which is just for the kids to come along and get some exercise and make some friends and have some fun,” said Gregory.

The program involves making announcements on game day, spreading awareness through social media and having signage at the sporting venues.

“We just make some announcements on Saturdays to remind people that it's ‘Shoosh for Kids’ month. And we're provided with a lot of social media materials that we can put on Facebook,” said Gregory.

Leticia Olivera, whose son plays for the junior Kiama Knights, said the campaign was a successful reminder for parents.

“I think it’s a good program, it’s important to give these kids a fun atmosphere and to not put so much pressure on them. I don’t think it’s too big of a problem, but it’s a nice little reminder that we’re not watching the NRL here,” said Olivera.

President of the Kiama Knights JRLC, Carl Middleton, is passionate about junior sport and he believes the campaign will help in making a child’s sporting career something to remember.

“I want our club to be a memory for these kids when they grow up so that they can look back on their time playing junior sport and reflect when they're young adults and basically say to themselves ‘We had a really good time playing with that club,’” said Middleton.

But Middleton and Gregory said the program was not about having complete silence at games, more that people should think before they speak.

“It comes down to being respectful. A lot of people go to our games with the intention of just being there to support the kids, so we don't ask people to silence themselves because the majority of people are just there to support the kids and have fun,” said Middleton.

The Kiama Knights JRLC and the KNA are two of the 250 sporting clubs and associations supporting the ‘Shoosh for Kids’ program.