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Minnamurra Progress Association’s 60th AGM

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Local Contributor

08 July 2024, 1:59 AM

Minnamurra Progress Association’s 60th AGM

Minnamurra Progress Association (MPA) held its 60th Annual General Meeting recently, attended by thirteen members.

It was a very positive meeting with a local resident, Brent Rollings, speaking about the need to keep home and car insurance policies up to date, especially in the light of a recent house fire in Minnamurra.

The MPA finished the financial year with 67 residences as financial members, or close to 20% of Minnamurra properties represented, and plans for the year ahead.

The MPA is looking for a new President after Jeremy Martens moved out of Minnamurra last year. It re-elected two Vice-Presidents, Graeme Collinson-Smith and Cliff Mason to share the responsibility, and re-elected Iain Scott as Secretary and Aapo Skorulis as Treasurer and Public Officer.

The MPS will host a Local Government Election Forum on Tuesday 3rd September at 7:15pm and invites  all candidates and groups to be represented.

Prospective candidates should contact the Secretary on [email protected] for details.

The meeting also congratulates Kieran Woolley, the young Minnamurra skateboarder who will represent Australia in Paris at his second Olympic Games.

At our next meeting on 6th August, we’ll be inviting Mark Emerton to speak about the planned Minnamurra Triathlon to be held in our streets and river later in the year.

Other on-going projects include the impact of the proposed new Shellharbour Hospital at Dunmore, the recent grant to Kiama Council for rehabilitation of the Minnamurra Waste & Recycling Centre, the Draft Masterplan for the Bombo Quarry and the Killalea Plan of Management.

All local Minnamurra residents are invited to join the Association to ensure new developments which may affect the village are in keeping with the beauty of the area.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Cliff Mason

V/President & Publicity Officer, Minnamurra Progress Association Inc.