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Scouts' Legacy Preserved at GLaM Museum

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Veronica Bardsley

01 June 2024, 12:00 AM

Scouts' Legacy Preserved at GLaM MuseumTrudi Voorwinden in front of the restored mural.

The GLaM Museum in Gerringong has recently closed its Scouts exhibition. However, don’t worry if you missed it, as the exhibition will now be on display in the main museum for the foreseeable future.

The opening was a wonderful event, attended by many former Scouts, Cadets and Girl Scouts. One highlight was a Queen's Scout from 1963 to 1967, Marelyn Embry. She arrived in her original uniform and reminisced about her youth, including receiving a letter from the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Artist Trudi Voorwinden, who has been painting since she was 10 years old, spent a week restoring a mural of the Scouts in Gerringong. She carefully preserved the original colours and vision of the artist. Many of the Scouts depicted in the mural have now been identified, and the mural can be seen at the GLaM Museum.

Merelyn Emery in her old uniform

President of the Gerringong and District Historical Society, Colleen Jauncey, expressed gratitude at the exhibition opening. "Thank you to the parents who kept uniforms, memorabilia, and badges. They have enabled us to put this exhibition together," she said.

David Hindmarsh, an ex scout himself, also spoke, pondering why the Scouts struggle today. He questioned whether it’s due to the electronic age, a rise in self-interest, people leaving the area for work, or perhaps the popularity of surfing as a hobby.

Trevor Nixon, Neil miller, David Hindmarsh, Gary Rodger’s, Ken Mitchell, all ex scouts

He also noted the historical gender differences in Scout badges, with women's badges focusing on domestic skills including ‘Matron Housekeeper’ and men's on outdoor challenges. David, who joined the Scouts in 1954 at age nine, shared a humorous story about finding frozen uniforms after a soccer game. He laughed, saying he is still tying knots to this day.

Despite these challenges, there is still a Scouts group active in the area. Reuben Frost, pictured with his Scout leader Debbie and friend Hugh, meets with the Kiama Scouts at Kiama Harbour on Tuesday afternoons. New members are encouraged to join.

Reuben Frost (Gerringong Scouts), Hugh Hassall, Debbie Gibson.

This exhibition preserves invaluable memories and history, thanks to the effort of everyone involved. Their work ensures these stories will be preserved for future generations. Thank you to all who contributed.