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The Minnamurra creative shaking up Miami Swim Week

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Donna Portland

22 June 2024, 9:00 PM

The Minnamurra creative shaking up Miami Swim WeekMinnamurra local, Rebecca Collinson-Smith

Rebecca Collinson-Smith, a remarkably talented photographer and designer from Minnamurra, has captivated the American fashion industry with her latest runway show at Paraiso’s Miami Swim Week. Her swimwear collection, featuring stunning aerial images of Sydney captured by Rebecca herself, has left audiences in awe.

Rebecca owns a boutique in The Rocks, Sydney, called Hunting Hue. The name reflects her unique approach to photography, where she never alters or enhances her images but instead seeks out the natural hues that inspire her. Her entrepreneurial acumen and keen eye for colour have resulted in a distinctive and eye-catching swimwear line that appeals to all ages.

Proud mother Cheryl Collinson-Smith shared samples of Rebecca’s popular designs with The Bugle, showcasing clothing lines for both adults and children that blend fashion with functionality. Remarkably, Rebecca's current designs were created just two months ago. Within this short period, she designed the garments, produced samples, entered the fashion show, and travelled to America.

Rebecca’s Miami Swim Week show opened with the debut of “Hunting Hue” and the innovative “Draw On Swimwear” line, featuring a charming cephalopod named DOS. This interactive swimwear allows children to draw their own designs onto the garments, providing an engaging fashion experience. Practice stencils and a variety of washable and permanent colours are included, allowing for endless creativity.

Rebecca’s Instagram, @huntinghue, displays many of her stunning designs. Her collection, which includes complementary scarves, has been praised by American fashion journalists as “a kaleidoscope of style” and “a remarkable splash with its vibrant showcase.”

"Hunting Hue's presentation at Miami Swim Week celebrated colour, family, and fashion," one journalist noted. "It set a new standard for summer wardrobes, offering a blend of high fashion and practicality. The collection inspires, warms, and delights those looking to elevate their beach or poolside attire."

To capture the breathtaking aerial images featured on her swimwear, Rebecca rented a helicopter, photographing iconic Sydney landmarks such as the Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, and the Opera House from 500 feet above. She also flew over the Minnamurra River and Mystics Beach last year, capturing the local area for her picture book “Minnamurra,” which she wrote during the Covid lockdown. The book, now in its seventh reprint, has sold out entirely.

Rebecca Collinson-Smith’s innovative and vibrant designs have made a significant impact on the fashion world, demonstrating her incredible talent and unique vision.