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Vale Peter Stuckey, environmentalist and innovator

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Malcolm King

04 July 2024, 6:55 AM

Vale Peter Stuckey, environmentalist and innovatorPeter & Howard. Credit: The Bugle

Peter Stuckey, the former Manager of Parks and Gardens at the Kiama Council, passed away on Wednesday, 26 June.

Peter was a well-loved member of staff and the Kiama community. He will be remembered for many environmental initiatives for the region, contributing to the Illawarra Biodiversity Strategy and the Lake Illawarra Authority.

At council, Peter led a team that established Kiama’s reputation for having some of the best parks and gardens in the Illawarra.

Following his retirement in 2010, Peter continued to be an active community member, especially when it came to public open spaces.

He most recently campaigned for the extension of the Coast Walk to Gerroa, which is now in its early stages.

Photo: Kiama Independent, 14 October 2009.

Peter’s funeral was held at St Matthews Catholic Church in Jamberoo, on Monday, 8 July at 11am.