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A loss for the LGA as green councillors do not seek council reelection

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Belle Wood

21 June 2024, 12:36 AM

A loss for the LGA as green councillors do not seek council reelectionCouncillor Jodi Keast & Councillor Kathy Rice

Councillor Kathy Rice and Councillor Jodi Keast have today announced their decision not to re-contest the upcoming Kiama Council election in September, concluding their tenure on a reflective note of achievement and service to the community.

Kathy Rice, reflecting on her 12 years of service, expressed, "It's been a difficult decision, but after much consideration, I believe it's time for me to step down and welcome new energy onto the Council. The challenges ahead, especially financially, demand fresh perspectives and proactive community engagement."

During her tenure, Kathy Rice has been instrumental in several key initiatives, including Kiama's designation as a Refugee Welcome Zone and an Age Friendly City recognised by the WHO. She also championed Kiama's anti-amalgamation plebiscite and advocated for a town centre heritage zone. Her legacy includes ongoing efforts in urban greening and preservation of agricultural lands, alongside pivotal strategies like the Growth and Housing Strategy.

Jodi Keast, who joined the Council in December 2021, emphasised her role in enhancing financial oversight and governance, stating, "I'm proud of the strides we've made in financial transparency and accountability. My background in accounting proved invaluable in steering Council towards more informed decision-making processes."

During her term, Jodi Keast spearheaded efforts to improve council reporting and financial planning, ensuring sustainable practices and community-centred decisions. She also successfully advocated for the preservation of the Kiama Community Garden and promoted transparency regarding Council's workforce dynamics.

The Kiama Greens expressed gratitude for the councillors' dedicated service amidst challenging times, affirming their commitment to community values. A spokesperson remarked, "Kathy and Jodi have been exemplary in their roles, maintaining community interests at the heart of their decisions. Their leadership has left an indelible mark on Kiama."

The Kiama Greens will announce their candidates for the September elections in due course, marking a continuation of their commitment to serve the local community.